Matt Burmeister - Songwriter/Composer

Matt Burmeister was born in Danville, IL where he first fell in love with music. At about the age of 13 he started taking guitar lessons and soon formed a band. The band played the local bars, parties, and the rest of the "standard" garage band gigs. It wasn't until he enrolled in a recording course through a junior college that his musical passion became more apparent. "I love the whole process of it....starting with nothing, creating music or writing lyrics from scratch, then months later you bring it to life in the studio. Having the finished product in your hand or witnessing it touch someone in a different's almost magical!" Matt graduated from G.I.T. at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. Shortly after graduating he moved to Myrtle Beach, SC where Burmusic Productions would eventually take form.

Since it's official birth in 1999, Burmusic Productions has been creating original music for many different facets. We have done original music for independent films, a nationwide television commercial, created original children's shows, designed a sonic landscape for theme park/family attractions, and have released several of our own acclaimed CD's and DVD's. Some of our projects have received wonderful accolades. When it was first released, our Barefoot Buddies CD hit the #1 spot for the most frequently downloaded children's album on the IUMA website. Our single "Bugface" from The Jungle's Playful Symphony CD was voted "Best of the Best" by CD Our first DVD, The Outdoorsmans Guide to Snake Safety, made it to television when it was featured on a PBS affiliate, South Carolina Educational Television. It's been a great couple of years and this is only the beginning, you can expect more great music and entertainment from us in the future!

Our latest project, Tiki Tom Toms & The Pineapple  Beach Party, has become a staple on Trop Rock radio.  With three #1 singles and more songs charting with each release, we are just getting started.